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Venus Island Girl - Pinup Girls Of The Lost Islands.

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About each of the The Silver Seal's characters, dancers, employees, patrons, and other assorted figures.

In an excerpt from The Carnipelago Journals, Rex Roielle relates an interesting story on the night these images were captured:

"Sweet Bearded Mother, what did Delcine do to her hair?" He asked, seemingly annoyed with the dancer's shock of bright blonde.

Delcine. So that was Delcine.

"It's not hers," Woody replied, unaffected by his employers tone of voice, and in fact, trying to squelch a chuckle.

"A wig?"

"Yes, Mestre."

Suddenly Bruna leaned closer, dipping her head to see past me and direct her comment to Luxx who was on my other side. As I felt her small hand fertively slide along the back of my right buttock, she popped her gum and chirped, "I like it." Please no. I pressed my hip closer to the cool aluminum ice chest in front of me, hoping to quash the onset that was beginning to stretch the fabric of my trousers. She leaned back and with a secret squeeze of aforementioned buttock, she murmured, lips close to my ear, "Don't you?"

Someday the book will come out and we can read the whole thing.

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Delcine Boneca is a clown girl who was always very mature for her age and a leader among her peers, particularly in the controversial Circo Tulala youth group, the Klown Kids. A complete knockout since she left puberty behind, she eventually wrangled her way into an afterschool job at the Silver Seal as an intermission girl, carrying the signs that announced the next act. It wasn't long before she was old enough to do more than carry signs.


Venus Island Girl - Pinup Girls Of The Lost Islands.

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